Documentary, 2020 (20 min)

Värmland is an inland Swedish province. An influential Stockholm professor of economics describes it as a place with no shopping, no entertainment, and no universities, offering nothing of value - a wasteland. What is the future for the young people who live there? A snapshot of life distant from the city.

Co producer Swedish Television with support from Swedish Film Institute. 

Production company: Barataria // www.barataria.se

Co producer: SVT

Length: 20 minutes

Director/photo/editor: Daniel Milton

Producer: Maria Fredriksson

Music: Patrik Arve/Nya Krösus

TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/398504769

"An exellent sliver of life documentary with a fascinating subject matter. A window into a subculture and community bonded by their fascination of a foreign culture, giving an international audience a previosly unseen lager of life in Sweden."

Jury of Nordic International Film Festival, New York